Steel Roller Doors – Security Against Lock Picking

Lock picking refers to opening the lock with a device other than its stipulated key by manipulating the mechanism of the lock in question and ensuring that none of its components are damaged in such a way that opening it with its original key, later isn’t possible. It is generally done with a criminal intent but the knowledge of lock picking is inevitable to locksmiths as well specially in the case of opening old locks.

Ensure High Levels of Security

Steel roller doors are very strong and hence impregnable. They are best suited for vaults, factories and big organizations where the need for security is high. They have few working parts thereby cutting down the need for maintenance and ensuring durability. Moreover, they generally come with the option of automatic locking with electronic shutter door security checking like magnetic strip reading or finger print reading, mitigating the scope for lock picking and intrusion.

Higher levels of Privacy

Shutter door security also minimizes the visibility from outside avoiding unwanted onlookers without compromising on the aesthetics of the place. They are also available in perforated options to enable the inflow of air and light as netted beams. The company that provides you with the lock will have the provision to break it open in case the original key is misplaced or the electronic lock is dysfunctional.

Effectively Prevent Lock Picking

Steal roller doors are now available with immunity against forced entry and reduced scope for lock picking. They find application in areas where security levels are required to high. These generally come with multiple locking options including electronic locks that are fool proof. More so, special quality shutter doors are available which prevent not only intrusion but also damage through fire etc. padlocks and chains can also be provided to double ensure safety. Unique coding is done for each lock in order reduce misuse.

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