Houdini, a Child and Lots of Dismantled Locks – The Fascinating Art of Lock Picking

Learn This Fascinating Art

You have no doubt seen countless movies and tv shows that show a lock being picked. Have you ever considered learning the fascinating art of Lock Picking yourself?

A Young Boy, Houdini and dismantled locks

My own interest in the world of picking locks came about as a young boy. I had an interest in Houdini and reading about his lock picking skills. I soon started taking locks apart to see how they worked as well as how they could be opened without the key. Later I found books on the subject which taught the proper picking skills.

The Challenge

What is it exactly that attracts someone to opening locks? For me it is the challenge of the lock. The fact that this device has been designed with the purpose of preventing someone from gaining access without a key and this is exactly what you achieve when the lock yields to your picking efforts.

Growing In Popularity

The hobby of lock picking is a growing one which is often referred to as ‘Lock Sport’. It is a fascinating art that is shared by thousands across the world. Often groups get together to share ideas, tips and techniques with competitions being held too.

Lock Picking Techniques To Learn

There are many techniques that can be learned to open different types of locks. Some methods involve specialised picks, bypass methods or specially designed keys. When I started these methods were not as easily available to learn as they are now. However, these days with the resources available on the internet it’s easier than ever to get started learning these skills so that you can begin picking locks yourself.

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