Common Faults With UPVC Doors and Windows

Modern uPVC doors and windows with multipoint locking systems offer excellent security, however when they go wrong it can be almost impossible for the average person to fix them due to their complex nature and internal moving parts. In most cases a professional locksmith with uPVC expertise will need to be called out. Here is a list of common faults with uPVC doors and windows.

Stiff Handle and Door/Window Not Locking

If the handle starts getting stiff and the door or window will not lock then it is most likely due to the door or window becoming misaligned with the frame. A simple adjustment of the hinges to realign with the frame should fix this problem in most instances.

Spinning Handle and Door/Window Not Opening

If the handle starts to spin all the way around and the door or window will not open then it is likely damage has occurred to the spindle and may require a brand new locking unit. This usually occurs after the door or window has been stiff to open for a while, so if you start feeling the handle getting stiff or becoming harder to lock/unlock then get the hinges realigned before it becomes a much more costly repair.

Door Only Locks From One Side

If the door will only lock from one side then you will need a new lock cylinder. This is a fairly quick job for any skilled locksmith and shouldn’t cost too much either.

If you start to experience any of these problems then don’t try to force the handle as you could make things a lot worse and potentially much more expensive to fix. Call a uPVC specialist to assess your door or window as soon as you notice a problem developing.

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