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Locksmith Tools

Tools and their purpose have fascinated people from the earliest moments of time to present day. What do they do, what can they do and why do they do it? Some of the more interesting tools out there that constantly draw attention and inquiry are the tools that a locksmith uses. In this article we will take the time to identify and name some of the tools we might find in a locksmith shop in order to make you, the reader, more familiar with them.

As is well known keys are something a locksmith is quite familiar with and this brings us to what might be the most important, must have, tool of the trade for a locksmith, the key cutting machine. Duplicating keys is a large, if not the largest part of business for a locksmith and these machines are invaluable to an industry such as this. Key cutting is a large source of income for all locksmiths and no shop will be without one.

Maybe considered basic and standard for all shops and trades another very important tool, for the amount of use alone, is the electric drill. Used in the most common quarter, three eighth and half inch sizes the power drill is used more than any other transportable power tool. No matter a person's preference in weight, size, color or brand of power drill, this tool will be used countless times and always there for unlimited applications. For those situations where electricity is unavailable, it is quite common for a locksmith to also have a cordless drill available to work within all types of indoor jobs.

There are many common power and hand tools all locksmiths will possess in and out of the shop, each important to make sure that the work is done not only in a timely and professional manner, but correctly and with precision. These numerous, but essential items are as follows: Allen wrench sets, c clamps, coping saw and various blades, general sets of code books. Bolt cutters, assorted drill bits (auger, expansion, spade, masonry, straight), hacksaw, files, hammers (ball peen, clawed, etc.) and flashlights for moments of poor visibility. Disc grinders, dent puller, center punch set, a bench grinder with a wire wheel, torpedo levers up to nine inches, carpenters lever from eighteen to ninety six inches long with three vials, rubber mallet, lubricants like WD-40, various pliers, wrenches (adjustable and pipe) and screw drivers, socket sets, sandpaper, and the safety conscious locksmith always have a pair of safety goggles.

In the shop, but mostly located in the work bench area not only due to size but for ease of locating are even more items used on a daily basis are assorted key blanks, lock reading tools, plug holders, followers and spinners, tubular key decoders, lock picks and a tubular key lock saw. A vise, dial caliper to accurately measure key blanks, pin tumblers, plugs and key cut depths. You will also find pin tumbler tweezers, lock pick set, lock pick gun and an assortment of retainer rings, spindles and springs.locksmith tools key extractor door

Throughout the day a locksmith's work is plenty with every issue requiring the right tool for the job and as evidenced in this article those tools, while in abundance, are integral to the locksmith's success in the shop and the field.

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